MyPortfolio is an online portfolio system which is entirely student-controlled - you decide what goes into it, how it's presented, and who gets to see what.

It may prove useful in supporting your key skills development work as a place to:

  • collect evidence of skills development (perhaps a well crafted report; a video of a presentation; some of your creative output - photos, links to websites etc.)
  • present this evidence in a web-page together, perhaps with some explanatory text
  • keep a private reflective journal charting your skills development using the blog
  • write a blog intended for a wider audience about any aspect of your work or interests
  • collect CV information and organise it for presentation to different audiences (e.g. your tutor, potential employers for casual work, potential employers after graduation)
  • build links with your peers using the group tool - perhaps to share resources and discuss ideas
  • prepare materials for sharing with your tutor(s) and invite their comments

With all of this, you can choose who to show your portfolio - you can keep things completely private, share them with selected individuals, or show them to the world - it's entirely up to you!

For further information on how to use MyPortfolio see the MyPortfolio user guide.

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