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You should review your chosen area for development while you practice and after the completion of a development plan. This page provides guidance on this process. Guidance on providing good evidence is also available.

While practicing/following a development plan:

Think about what you do well in practice and which areas require more improvement. For example, if you are working on presenting, you may be very good at speaking at the right volume, but not so good at making eye contact with the audience. Writing about your experiences in MyPortfolio, will help you think about this. Once you have done so, you should reconsider your development plan: does it concentrate on those areas that need most development or should you modify it?

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Woman looking back

After completing a development plan:

It is important to record evidence of your personal and professional development in the PPD System, once you have completed a development plan. This will record your achievements for later reference (such as for writing application forms) and help you to become more articulate about your knowledge, skills and attributes. At this time you should consider whether you wish to continue developing this area by updating your plan or focus on a different one.

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