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UCL ChangeMakers is a great way to kick off your research-based education at UCL.

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Planning Personal and Professional Development

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The first thing you must do is prioritise which area to develop. We recommend that you do this as a 2-part process. Click for more information:

  1. Select an area to concentrate on. You may choose a category in the PPD Framework (academic; self management; communicating; working with others) or you might wish to focus on an area relevant to the transition to UCL, academic work or career development
  2. Select 1-3 areas to develop and 1-3 areas that are strengths in the profile section of the PPD System. What you choose to develop may not be your weakest area, but where development is likely to provide you with the greatest benefit and you have the opportunity to do so

Secondly you must plan your personal and professional development by creating a specific, stepwise plan in the planning section of the PPD System. Click for more guidance:

The most successful plans tend to:

  1. Contain specific actions to be completed by a certain time (e.g. by 1 February) or taken at a regular re-occurring time (e.g. at 3pm on Fridays)
  2. Be specific, e.g. 'read Stephen Covey's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' is better than 'read a book on self-management'
  3. Include a target outcome by which you can measure your success, e.g. 'I will have reached my development target when I receive feedback from at least 3 people that I gave an audible, well structured and clear presentation to at least 30 people'

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