Getting Started...PPD Framework

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Getting Started...


Take a few minutes right now to make some notes about what you hope to discover and achieve over the next few weeks or months, whether this is something academic, personal or social. Make it something of real interest to you, rather than being someone else's expectation. Imagine in some detail, and capture in your notes, what it will be like to accomplish this goal. Which of your present capabilities will be helpful along the way? What other capabilities do you need to enhance or develop to support you? What resources, (e.g. books, online or people) are available to help you? What actions do you need to take to get this under way? 

"The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step"

Lao Tzu ~6000 BCE

Learning in Personal: a guide to your personal and professional development at UCL

PPD Booklet

The following booklet has been produced to help you get started with PPD. It will help you identify what you ultimately want to get out of university and how PPD might support that. It also provides suggestions for how to go about recording evidence for your skills, knowledge and attributes and why this will be invaluable when you come to apply for jobs.

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