Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences. Our aim is to deliver outstanding research and teaching for improved human health. The unifying concept that informs our scholarship and educational activity is the life course.
Graham Hart November 14

Our research elucidates the biological, behavioural and psychosocial processes that operate across an individual’s life, and across generations, that affect the development of disease in populations. This research informs our undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational teaching.

We have Institutes and Divisions that together represent each life-stage, from conception, birth, childhood, adolescence into adulthood, older age and death.

The Institutes of Child Health, for Women’s Health, of Cardiovascular Science, of Epidemiology & Health Care, of Global Health, of Clinical Trials & Methodology and of Health Informatics comprehensively address all these phases and periods, and the health variations associated with them at a population level.

We also undertake studies that inform the development of services, interventions and policies that address health disparities that occur as a consequence of exposures throughout the life course.

In our work with other Faculties and through the Domains and UCL Partners, and with neighbouring academic and health service colleagues, we aim to realise the translational vision expressed in the structure of the School of Life and Medical Sciences. In this way we can serve the needs of local, national and international communities.

I hope that you enjoy reading about Population Health Sciences at UCL (science publication pdf format) and that you’ll discover more about our research, teaching and the talents of our world-class staff.

Professor Graham J Hart PhD FMedSci

Dean of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences