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Striking research images sought for UCL competition

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Twitter languages of London

Does your research produce images that have aesthetic and artistic appeal? If so, consider entering the annual ‘Research Images as Art / Art Images as Research’ competition and exhibition.

UCLPartners Academic Health Science Centre video

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UCLPartners have produced a short film in which the leaders of our Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) discuss strengths and successes.

Over £7 million for government data project

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Quad in Autumn

UCL is part of a consortium that has been awarded £7.6 million to provide academic researchers with access to government data.

Female hormones key to breast and ovarian cancer in BRCA gene carriers

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Breast cancer cells

Researchers announced today in the journal Lancet Oncology that they are well on the way to discovering why women with the faulty genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 develop breast and ovarian cancer rather than other cancers.

Go to bed! Irregular bedtimes linked to behavioural problems in children

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child sleeping

Researchers from UCL have found that children with irregular bedtimes are more likely to have behavioural difficulties.

One in three older people experience age discrimination

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Old man by My names axel

New research from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) reveals 33 per cent of all older people experience perceived age discrimination, with less wealthy older men being at highest risk.

Mutated stem cells trigger pituitary tumours in children

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A type of pituitary tumour known as craniopharyngioma appears to form via a different mechanism to that thought to occur in more common tumours, according to a paper in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

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