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Tony Draper

1963 - 2008

Tony Draper

Above: Dr Tony Draper - 1963-2008

Tony Draper was a former UCL undergraduate, PhD student and lecturer. Tony died just a few days before starting a new career as a teacher at Chelmsford Grammar School. Tony left school at 16 and became a session musician but then re-entered academic study and took a First in History at UCL, staying on to do a doctorate on Bentham with Fred Rosen. He was awarded a British Academy post-doctoral fellowship based in UCL’s Bentham Project. When the School of Public Policy was established in 1996, it became the home of the MA in Legal and Political Theory and Tony was a key contributor to the MA and to the development of the School’s teaching programmes from the early days. He taught the popular course on Crime and Punishment and was always in demand as a dissertation supervisor. His students found themselves in the hands of a wise, enthusiastic but firm teacher who was generous with his time and advice. Tony moved from the Bentham Project to become a full time member of the School’s staff and he was a key figure in the successful expansion of the School’s teaching programmes, taking responsibility for directing the MA in Legal and Political Theory.

Always on hand to help both his academic and administrative colleagues, he was a joy to work with and his presence never failed to cheer those around him. The School of Public Policy owes him a large debt and he is remembered by all as an inspired scholar, a generous and supportive colleague and above all a highly successful and much loved teacher who imparted his enthusiasm for his subject to generations of students and future scholars. Since we heard the tragic news we have received countless heart-warming messages from former students who have movingly conveyed how much of an impact Tony had on all those who met him. Tony is survived by his wife, Katya, and three young children, Anna (12), Julia (8) and James (5).

Tony was a lovely man, a good colleague and an inspiring teacher, who was liked and esteemed by all who knew him. He played a major part in the founding of SPP and ensured Legal and Political Theory would have a central place in its activities. He will be sorely missed by us all.
Professor Richard Bellamy

It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Tony on the MA in Political and Legal Theory when I joined UCL in 2003. He was an erudite and dedicated scholar, an inspiring teacher, and a courteous and generous colleague. His course on Theories of Crime and Punishment was extremely popular with students. Tony had a formidable mind and a big heart. He is missed sorely by all of us.
Professor Cécile Laborde
Professor in Political Theory
Director, MA in Legal and Political Theory

I first met Tony during my job interview for the teaching post I would later take up at the School of Public Policy in October 2005. I worked closely with him in the proceeding months providing courses to the students enrolled on the MA in Legal and Political Theory. It is no exaggeration to say that in that time Tony took me under his wing and aided me in the treacherous transition from PhD candidate to Lecturer. He gave wisdom and solace in equal measure and with unerring generosity. Tony was an extremely knowledgeable, modest and likable man. He was not merely a highly respected research academic but also a truly gifted teacher. Both his insight into his subject and his presence around the department are irreplaceable. His leaving us is a tremendous loss; one that is felt by myself and a great many other people with immense sadness.
Alex Brown
Lecturer in Legal and Political Theory

I first met Tony when I joined SPP in 2002 as a young researcher and I was immediately struck by the boundless enthusiasm he had for his teaching and research. It was a great pleasure to work with him and learn the traits of a university lecturer from him. Tony's smile - full of warmth and kindness-  will endure in my memory.
Basak Cali
Lecturer in Human Rights

Tony was a delightful person, simple, even light, in his manners, yet intelligent, acute in his comments and observations. We shared the office when I joined the School and he was a pleasure to work with. He was very dedicated to the department and he deeply cared about the students and their development. Such a commitment is a scarce resource. I remember we conversed about everything and he used to tease me because of my preferences in sport (he was right, maybe). When I was finishing up my book, we had a long conversation on despotism and the power of bureaucracy and I remember I changed part of the introductory chapter as result of his comments and his impressive knowledge of the history of political thought. He was a man of heart too. Generous, kind, always willing to make time for you. I will miss him.
Fabio Franchino
Associate Professor in Political Science

Tony was universally loved by his students and his classes admired by colleagues. This is no surprise. His delivery was not only enthusiastic, but committed. He gave completely of himself when explaining an idea or clarifying a point, and his pleasure in sharing his love of the subjects he taught shone through. It was a rare and engaging talent. In the years that have passed, talking to alumni from the School of Public Policy who took theory courses in their time there was always fond mention and memories Tony. His enthusiasm and ability to inject levity, camaraderie and enjoyment into difficult tasks are qualities I will never forget.
Dr. Saladin Meckled-Garcia
Director, MA Human Rights

Tony was a dedicated teacher, researcher and colleague.  I will always remember, and remain inspired by his dedication to his students and concern for their success.  My deepest condolences to his family at this incredibly sad and difficult time.
Dr Jennifer van Heerde
Lecturer in Research Methods

I took the MA in Legal and Political Theory in 2002/3. It was one of the happiest, most fulfilling and successful years of my life and it will forever be associated with Tony. The thing I loved about Tony's approach to teaching was that he was uniquely flexible. His courses had an intellectual history slant, but if you wanted to take a different approach to the materials, say an analytical philosophy approach, you could and Tony would enjoy it. He was liked by all students for being so approachable, friendly, kind and generous with his time. When I look back on things I can see clearly that Tony made a big difference to me and to my academic development. I will miss him a lot.
Daniel Dyal
Barrister, Cloisters

Tony was my tutor on the MA in Legal and Political Theory in 2002/3. He was not only an excellent teacher, but also an incredibly kind person. His classes were the highlights of my time at UCL; full of interesting, lively debates which were deftly and very diplomatically orchestrated by Tony. He always had time for his students, both in and out of class. He will be sadly missed.
Nick Cook
Solicitor, Hughmans

Tony Draper and I joined UCL at the same time, and was a colleague of  mine for the next seven years. Having him around made the days pass far  more easily than they would have otherwise. Throughout my time there we  never had a cross word to say to one another. I remember an unfailingly  cheerful man who was always ready to laugh and joke even when things  were difficult. He was a good scholar, a good teacher, and a good  person; the world is poorer for the lack of him.
Luke O'Sullivan

I took the M.A. in Political & Legal Theory in 2001/2002 and I remember that I was debating whether to take a highly paid job in the banking sector or taking a year out to study on the M.A. Tony was the first and only person at UCL that I talked about this with...and with his help and advice I managed to make the right decision - and one that changed my life in many ways.

Tony was a very smart and kind man who was always approacable. He helped on my thesis on Crime and Punishment and I remember many lively discussions in his office and in the class room. He could always see the other persons point of view. Tony had very good people skills which always made him popular amongst students. Tony always made time for everyone and he always had something positive or kind to say. I will miss knowing that Dr. Draper is no longer here.
Adnan Mohammed
Investment Banker

Tony supervised my dissertation for the M.A. in Legal and Political Theory in 2000-2001. I am still thankful for and will remember his help, patience and good humour. It was a pleasure to know him. My condolences to his family.
Duff McLeod
Legislative Counsel, Department of Justice Canada

Tony was one of those people whom one was always glad to see. I won't forget him.
Professor David d'Avray
History Department, UCL

Tony taught me in my second year as an undergraduate and then in the MA. I'm so shocked by this news, such a tragic waste. He was a good and patient teacher, with a great dry sense of humour, a very smart guy. My sincere condolences to his wife and children - he touched a lot of people in his life and we'll all remember him fondly.
James Clarke

It was a pleasure and privilege to be taught by Tony on the MA in Political and Legal Theory in 1999/2000.  He was an entertaining and engaging tutor who made time for his students and encouraged innovation and fresh thinking amongst us.  The course was very much a framework and he enjoyed letting us take our own path through it.  He took the time to keep in touch after the course and I remember catching up with him at a careers evening a few years later, he was as warm and interested in my progress as ever.  My condolences to his family and friends.
Andrew Jackson
Deputy Director, UK Border Agency

I am deeply saddened to hear of Tony's unexpected death. My thoughts are with his family and children at this difficult time. My abiding memory was of a deeply caring man both to individuals he had daily contact with and the wider world beyond. During a difficult moment in my life Tony took the time to have one on one meetings with me and to guide, tutor and advise me as best he could on problems outside of the classroom. He will always be remembered by me for those moments of kindness, calmness and sincerity.
Hamed Ovaisi
Solictor, Stephen Rimmer and Co
MA LPT 2004 / 05

I was student of Tony's from 1999-2000. His Crime and Punishment class was one of the highlights of my MA course. He was a rare combination-a great scholar and a wonderful teacher. My thoughts are with his family.
Kimberly Lo

I am absolutely stunned and grieved at Dr. Draper's death, it's really hard to fathom.  He was such a kind, patient man, besides being a brilliant teacher.  He had the rare ability of inspiring you to want to do better, while at the same time feeling that your views were interesting and valuable as it was.

I would like to offer my deepest condolences to his family at such a difficult time.
Maria Trezou

I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear this awful news. I did my MA in Legal & Political Theory in 1999-2000. That is when I had the pleasure of meeting Tony. He was one of my favourite teachers and I thoroughly enjoyed his course, Theories of Crime and Punishment. Not only was he a wonderful mentor and teacher, he was a good and kind man. My prayers are with him and his family.
Simeen Hussain

My sincere and heartfelt sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with Tony's family at this desperately sad time. My abiding memories of Tony will be of an enthusiastic, warm and friendly teacher, indeed a good person. I took the MA LPT in 2002/3, which for me was a period fraught with personal challenges. Tony was kind enough to help, support and give advice not only as a lecturer but as someone with genuine interest in my wellbeing. Tony was an inspiration to me - the world is a poorer place for his loss.
Tosin Asaolu

Tony was head of the MA in Legal and Political Theory when I was a student under him at the SPP from 2002 to 2003. I loved his class on Crime and Punishment; it was always a forum for lively, good natured and distinctive debate, and I remember Tony always took us where he wanted us to go  without seeming to drag us by the hands. He was a kind and generous teacher. The MA was a very important year in my live both personally and academically/professionally, and in that way Tony left his mark on me, for which I am very grateful.
Donall Crehan
Solicitor, Olswang

I had the privilege of studying with Tony through the MA in Legal and Political Theory at UCL in 2000-2001.  Tony was a generous teacher, a brilliant scholar, and a gracious person in every way.  He will be remembered with fondness and admiration by his students.  My heartfelt sympathies to his family during this very difficult time.
Tara Helfman

I was very sad to hear of Tony's death. Tony was an encouraging, empathic, inspiring teacher, and universally liked amongst my year (2004-5 MA Legal and Political Theory). His Crime and Punishment class in particular was thrilling, challenging and fun. Tony was very significant for me in making the decision to continue onto to a PhD, and I'll always be grateful to him for his support.
Meghan Benton

I feel privileged to have had Tony as a colleague at UCL. I will always remember him for his passion for teaching and for the genuine concern he had for the well-being of all his students. He will be missed.
Fiona Adamson
Director, MSc in International Public Policy (2003-7)

Tony was a loyal, conscientious, and generous colleague. It was always a pleasure to be with him - I remember with great affection the tea breaks and lunch times with Tony, Colin Tyler, and Oliver Harris, where the conversation ranged from intellectual history and political philosophy to cars and rock music. Tony at one point played in a group called 'Abandon Stage'. What a great loss to so many of us that he has left the stage so tragically early. Nevertheless, as well as his published articles and unpublished doctoral thesis, Tony leaves a great legacy  to Bentham studies in his editorial work on 'Scotch Reform', on which he made immense progress, but which others will now have to complete. I should add that I never could understand how he could eat so much, and never put on any weight! Let us remember with gratitude the positive contribution which Tony made to the lives of so many.
Philip Schofield
Bentham Project, UCL

I took Tony's Theories of Crime and Punishment course as part of the Human Rights MA, from 2004-05.  His teaching style was exceptionally open and collaborative, and so brought out the best in us.  He fostered a critical approach to concepts of justice, which was enlightening and thought-provoking.  These lessons are vitally important in their practical application and I constantly refer to them - so it's no exaggeration to say that Tony's classes were life-changing.  This is a huge loss to everyone who knew him but, as all these messages show, his legacy endures through his former students.
Charlie Hamilton
MA Human Rights, 2004-05
Civil Servant, Office of Fair Trading

Tony was an inspirational and dedicated lecturer; his Crime and Punishment classes were always full of healthy and enthusiastic debate. He will be sorely missed by many and my deepest condolences to his family.
Paul Richmond
MA Legal & Political Theory 2001-2002

Tony was my tutor in 2002/2003 whilst I was studying for the M.A. in Legal and Political Theory. He was the best tutor. Understanding, helpful, sincere and always available to guide and encourage. I am deeply saddened by this news. My heart goes out to family and friends. I am sorry for your loss.
Bhupinder Grewal

Throughout his supervision of my dissertation, the lively debates that he steered in Theories of Crime and Punishment, and his consistently considered guidance around the direction of my career both during and after my MA, Tony's effortless intellect and infectiously dry sense of humour prevailed. He was a good man, and played a huge part in making the academic year I spent at the SPP amongst the most personally and academically gratifying of my life. I am privileged to have known him.
Samuel Palmer
Banker, UBS AG
MA LPT 03/04

Tony was already a long-standing and valued member of the Bentham Project when I first became involved with the Bentham Committee some years ago. I remember him as someone who cared deeply not just about teaching and research, but also  about students, scholarship and colleagues. He was witty, sensitive, and supportive of others. A tragic loss.
Jonathan Wolff
Professor of Philosophy, UCL

I, together with my colleague Prof Yasunori Fukagai, invited Tony to  Japan in January 2000 for a workshop on Bentham.  I was a commentator  for one of his papers on Bentham and Beccaria, "Utilitarianism and the  Reform of Eighteenth-Century Practices of Punishment".  He started from  the point that Prof C L Ten and Mrs Janet Semple had reached by the  middle of 1990s, and was about to developed the research on this theme  by adding the comparative point of view with the continental context.   I expected his future accomplishment when I heard his paper.  During  his stay in Yokohama, I gave him a lift for a short city tour and had  an opportunity to talk with him a couple of things relevant to Bentham  scholarship in Japan.  I still remember one trifle scene that he  ordered Earl Grey tea in a tearoom on the top of a small hill beside  Yokohama Port, and he said 'I like black tea very much.' with soft  eyes. I will really miss him.
Daisuke Arie
Professor in History and Methodology of Social Science
Yokohama National University, Japan

I shared an office with Tony for several years at the Bentham Project. In the early part of that period, he was technically my boss, though he was so easygoing it never felt that way. He was a thoroughly nice bloke, without a hint of meanness in him, committed to righting the wrongs of the world, and devoted to his family. I'll remember him for his great sense of humour, and for his 'Rock 'n' Roll!' rallying-call as we got back to work after a tea-break.
Oliver Harris
Bentham Project, UCL

Tony's death caused great sadness in the History Department, where there are still quite a lot of people who remember him both as an outstanding student and an excellent colleague on the Bentham Project.  In particular, Amelie Kuhrt, who was his personal tutor while he was an undergraduate, Negley Harte and David D'Avray would like to convey their personal condolences to his family and friends.  He was a great asset to our Department and will be remembered as a person of great ability and appeal.
Nicola Miller
Head of the History Dept

Tony was my colleague at the Bentham Project for seven years.  He was friendly, helpful, kind, and funny: all qualities that made him good to work with. He was an excellent teacher, who cared about his students.  Above all he was devoted to his family. We will all miss him.
Catherine Fuller
Research Fellow, UCL

I can only reiterate what my colleagues at the Bentham Project have said. Tony was always cheerful, helpful, and friendly and a very easy person to share a room with. My sincere condolences to his family.
Catherine Pease-Watkin
Research Fellow
Bentham Project

I had just arrived in London to do an MA in Legal and Political Theory when I first met Tony (at the time he was director of the MA). I was quite intimidated by the thought of undertaking graduate studies in a foreign country, but with his warmth and enthusiasm Tony immediately made me feel at ease, and eager to start the course. He deeply cared about both people and ideas, and his lectures were always engaging. This is a terrible loss, and I send my deepest condoleances to his family and friends.
Laura Valentini
Former MA and PhD student at the SPP

I shared an office with Tony during my first year at the Bentham Project in 2003–2004. He sustained his “ordinary bloke” image so successfully that it took me quite some time to realise how extraordinary a person he was: phenomenally intelligent, diversely talented, an inspiring and popular teacher, and passionately devoted to his wife and children. He could (and would!) talk to anyone about anything. I miss him very much.
Deborah Colville
Hon. Research Fellow, UCL Bentham Project

Tony was a wonderful teacher and administrator in addition to being a distinguished scholar.  He was also good fun.  When I was the Tutor for the MA in Legal & Political Theory, and the School of Public Policy was finding its feet, he was my right hand man - always there, immensely good-natured and very able.  He was the obvious person to take over.  He also did a tremendous amount for us in Laws - my conscience suggests too much - where he was a popular tutor on both our undergraduate and graduate courses.  I'm still shocked that he is no longer with us.
Stephen Guest
Professor of Legal Philosophy

I was shocked to hear this sad news. I owe Tony a lot. I was lucky enough to have him as my tutor on both my history BA and the political theory MA; and then later to work with him on the Bentham Project. My decision to have a career in the government legal service - trying to help the government to act lawfully - was in no in small part due to my studies with Tony.  But most of all, Tony was such a lovely man. I won't forget the inexhaustible good humour with which he tolerated my mistranscriptions of Bentham's inscrutable "Scotch Reform" - and of course his "Let's Rock and Roll" rallying call after tea breaks.
Philip Tozer
Treasury Solicitor's Department

Tony and I shared an office at the Bentham project for three years, both of us spending hours poring over Bentham’s manuscripts.  He was a very good friend to me.  We lost touch when I left London, which I regret very deeply.  Many of us could have done more for him.  He was a good man.
Dr Colin Tyler
Department of Politics and International Studies
University of Hull

I worked with Tony on the Bentham Project for many years, but first knew him twenty years ago as a fellow history student at UCL. I shared more classes with Tony than with any other student, and I recall him then as unfailingly cheerful and curious. He was easy to talk with, and readily responsive which was delightful to a much older, mature student. He was stimulating and fun to work with, and as so many of his friends and colleagues have said, a lovely man. His untimely death was a great shock and he is much missed.
Irena Nicoll
Research Fellow

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Tony Draper Book of condolence

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Messages of condolences have been collated into a book of condolences, two copies of which will be presented to Tony's family.

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