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Tammy Sandhu

MSc International Public Policy, 2004–2005

Tammy Sandhu

Tammy Sandhu, MSc International Public Policy, 2004-2005.

I joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in 2005 after completing my MSc International Public Policy programme.

I spent my first three years in London. My very first job was as Select Committee Liaison Officer, managing the relationship between the FCO and our Parliamentary scrutiny committees. I then moved to our Counter Terrorism Department where I was the Crisis Manager for several high profile kidnaps of British Nationals overseas. I deployed overseas to both Baghdad and Nairobi and worked on the kidnaps of Alan Johnston, the BBC journalist kidnapped in Gaza, and the five security guards who were kidnapped and held in Iraq for seven years.

In June 2009 I took up my first overseas posting. After six months of intensive training, I moved to Morocco where I spent three years as the Second Secretary for Political and Economic Affairs. I covered a wide range of issues such as the Western Sahara dispute, Morocco’s relations with the EU and bilateral relations with the UK.

In March 2012 I moved to Brussels where I work as the UK Government Spokesperson on EU issues. I spend my time briefing the media on the UK position on issues ranging from fisheries quotas to our views on upcoming trade negotiations. It’s a really interesting time to be working here against the backdrop of an active UK debate on our membership of the EU.

In 2014 I’ll be packing up and moving again... I’m off to Chennai in India as the Deputy Head of Mission and the Head of UK Trade and Investment. This will be whole new challenge, managing our Deputy High Commission of 100 people and assisting British business looking to invest in South India.

It’s great to be working at the heart of Government. Every day and every year working for the FCO brings with it a new and exciting challenge!

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