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Rabiah Mumtaz

MSc European Public Policy, 2007–2008

Rabiah Mumtaz

Rabiah Mumtaz, MSc European Public Policy, 2007–2008.

Having already completed an undergraduate degree in Law at UCL, I joined the School of Public Policy in September 2007 to pursue the MSc European Public Policy programme. During my postgraduate study I worked for the Change Institute, a think-tank that specialises in assisting public, private and non-governmental institutions develop cross-cultural understanding.

During my time at SPP I applied for the Civil Service Fast Stream Graduate Scheme and after a long but successful application process, I finally joined the Ministry of Justice in November 2008. The Fast Stream is an accelerated development programme, whereby a series of intensive job placements are offered to graduates with a view to preparing them for a senior position in the civil service. It is a fast-paced and engaging programme and allows those involved to have a stake in shaping the future of governance in the UK

My first posting has been in the Legal Policy team - a newly-created section of the Ministry, where our (somewhat ambitious) objective is to create better law by encouraging departments across Whitehall to make legislation which is both evidence-based and more sensitive to resource issues. Legislating, I’ve quickly learned, is a costly business! We pursue these goals because we firmly believe that better law makes for a stronger democracy, increased citizen engagement and (when managed carefully) greater value for the taxpayer.

Overall, it has been an exciting six months, during which I have had the opportunity to meet with ministers, write briefings and speeches for the House of Lords and work first-hand on a bill. It has been a rather steep learning curve, where I have had to take responsibility for decisions that may have wide-ranging implications but ultimately it has proven an experience that has been immensely satisfying and bodes well for the years ahead.

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