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Kevin Conroy

MSc Security Studies, 2009–2010

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy, MSc Security Studies, 2009–2010.

Flying in and out of conflict zones might not be the easiest life choice but my career after UCL has been full of excitement.

In December 2010, I took on a Senior Analyst role with a strategic communications company and a year later, I am a Project Manager at an NGO with four operations in Afghanistan under my pakol. Keeping your cool and maintaining a light footprint are essential in tense, chaotic and potentially deadly situations. As well as designing questionnaires and analysing statistics, my role includes organising security for our research team; hiring, training and managing up to 250 Afghan staff; and delivering reports and presentations to high-level audiences.

After completing my studies at UCL, a few short-term research contracts and some freelance work helped demonstrate my skills and build a wide network of potential employers. This included working with various risk advisory firms, producing timely and accurate intelligence on terrorism and civil commotion in South and South East Asia for corporate security managers, commercial clients and governments using open and human intelligence sources.

These experiences were invaluable in furthering my career and opening the door to my current role and luck also played a part. However, I’m absolutely certain if it hadn’t been for an MSc from UCL, especially all those methods classes, I would never have made it to the first interview.

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