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David Barrett

MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics, 2012–2013

David Barrett

David Barrett, MSc Democracy and Comparative Politics, 2012–2013.

I entered SPP not knowing exactly what I should expect from the department. I knew the department was highly regarded, and the staff extremely capable. I knew that it was (by far) the most appropriate post-graduate qualification for me to pursue, with its emphasis on institutional development and research methodology. What I was not expecting was the degree of depth and support that was available in the department. I was really able to tailor what I wanted to do, and most importantly, how exactly to do it.

Research methodology was really important to me because I hoped to pursue a career in academia following my time in UCL. Following the completion of my MSc I started pursuing a PhD in Trinity College Dublin in Political Science. Only then did I truly appreciate how well UCL had trained me to allow me to answer the questions that were important to me in the discipline. Not only did I feel confident in being able to set parameters around those questions, I was able to really feel that I could answer them.

It nearly goes without saying that my time in SPP has a huge help in helping me secure a Government of Ireland Scholarship from the Irish Research Council for the pursuit of my research. Additionally I have also written election analysis for various organisations, including the EU initiative ‘EU Citizens Abroad’. Without UCL none of this would be possible, and I really do owe SPP a huge debt of gratitude.

(Profile provided August 2014)

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