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Dareen Khalifa

MA Human Rights 2011-12

Dareen Khalifa

Dareen Khalifa, MA Human Rights 2011-12.

I pursued a Masters in Human Rights in the School of Public Policy from 2011 to 2012.

UCL’s program attracted me because of its interdisciplinary nature, incorporating subjects such as international law, philosophy, and anthropology. The University designed its Human Rights concentration to provide students with a deep understanding of a wide range of foundational areas of human rights. With the aim of qualifying students to lead human rights research and advocacy, the course gives special focus to human rights research methodology, human rights institutions and practices.

I will never forget the remarkable support I got from my professors and colleagues throughout my year at UCL. The knowledge and experience I gained enabled me to secure a job at Amnesty International in London, acting as the Regional Growth Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa. In regard to my academic career, I was able to get a paper published by a British think tank.

I am currently working on building direct support for Syrian civil society groups in the Northern and Eastern liberated parts of Syria by providing them with the human rights knowledge and skills needed to rebuild their country.

I believe in how valuable human rights research and advocacy can be for building democratic institutions and strengthening respect for human rights, hence I would recommend this program to any human rights practitioner who would like to add to their practical experience by learning about the latest normative, legal, and empirical research methods.

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