Department of Political Science


Richard Bellamy awarded Leverhulme Research Fellowship 2012-2014

27 April 2012

Richard Bellamy has been awarded the Leverhulme Research Fellowship 2012-2014 for project on A Republic of European States: Cosmopolitanism, Republicanism and the EU.

The governance of the EU remains strongly intergovernmental. Many regard this arrangement as unsatisfactory and unstable. The EU must either down grade to a standard international organisation, or evolve into a federal state. This project challenges these views.

Drawing on republican theory, Bellamy will mount a normative and empirical defence of the EU as a Europe of states and peoples, in which national governments play the key role. He will argue this system provides greater democratic accountability and efficiency than the federal schemes of liberal cosmopolitans could offer.

A book contract for this project has already been signed with Cambridge University Press.

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