Department of Political Science


Conference: Liberalism and Republicanism: Public Policy Implications

22 January 2013


School of Public Policy, Department of Political Science,
29/30 Tavistock Square
University College London
13 February, 2013

Keynote speaker

Dr Stuart White (Oxford)
‘The Liberal Contribution to Republican Political Theory’

About this conference

In recent years there has been a growing interest among political theorists and philosophers in republican political thought. Influenced by the works of Quentin Skinner and Philip Pettit, proponents of this tradition typically claim it as a critical and superior alternative to mainstream liberal political theory. Yet it still remains unclear whether these two traditions are genuinely antagonistic. Historically, there is a considerable overlap in the canon of republicanism and liberalism. Theoretically, while past debates focused on different conceptions of liberty, contemporary work reveals some common ground between the two traditions.

This one-day conference aims to explore the relationship between liberal and republican political theory with regard to their public policy implications. In particular, the extent to which liberal and republican theory generate genuinely different public policy; whether or not it is possible to synthesise liberal and republican accounts; or rather, should clear demarcation be made between the two traditions?

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