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Invisible Children Film - February 02, 2010

9 February 2010

Invisible Children is a non-profit organisation which—based on the documentary shot in 2003—has turned into a worldwide campaign to highlight the plight of children in Uganda’s long-running civil war. The film and campaign is much more than just about Uganda, though. It provides a wonderful example of highlighting neglected and unknown distant problems, the responsibilities that we might have to act, and the possibilities of social change.  Invisible Children is the remarkable story of how 3 young college students made a film about the plight of child soldiers in Uganda.  

The original documentary is an amazing and moving film highlighting the untold story of how the violence impacts on children in Northern Uganda. The film was originally made for and shown to the filmmakers’ friends and family; but they passed it on to their friends and so on until it was eventually picked up by the likes of CNN. This film came to be watched by over 5 million people and inspired an awareness, educational, fundraising, and sponsorship campaigns to help rebuild the war-torn communities in Uganda. Invisible Children is now running as a permanent campaign. It is the way in which the campaign has been organised through society’s grassroots, through the word of mouth, and the high uptake among young people that makes it so interesting and powerful.

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