Department of Political Science


Jack Straw and the Institute of Global Governance

21 November 2013

Paralysis or Progress? The future (and the past) of the UN System

Jack Straw IGG

As former Foreign Secretary (2000-2006) and with extensive experience of multilateral  diplomacy at the highest levels, the Rt Hon Jack Straw is exceptionally well-placed to reflect on the strengths and limitations of the UN system.  Faced with the  mounting instability of an unmanaged global system, combined  with significant power shifts to the Global South, can the UN, the pre-eminent multilateral governance system of the 20th Century, change its business practices and meaningfully reform to meet the challenges of the 21st Century?  Such  questions provide the backdrop to this timely lecture by one of the UK’s leading figures in global diplomacy.

Jack also joins us in his capacity as the inaugural Chair of the Advisory Board to the recently launched UCL Institute of Global Governance (IGG).  The Institute is a university-wide initiative,  which in collaboration with partners within and outside UCL,  is focused on harnessing the unique strengths of a  world-leading multi-faculty university to address the  challenge of global governance.  The Institute’s activities extend from questions of  global justice and equity to financial regulation,  international organizational reform and global environmental  sustainability.  It serves as a centre for  cross-disciplinary research excellence as well as bridge between scholarship and national and international leaders  in the wider global society.  Central to its mission, the Institute promotes an outcomes-focused approach with experts invited to  address current problems of governance, with a focus on how potential solutions can  be adapted to tackle one of the major global public policy issues of our age.

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