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Dr Jonathan Roberts

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Dr Jonathan Roberts

Teaching Fellow in Voluntary Sector Policy


Jonathan Roberts holds a PhD from the Department of Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He obtained a BA (Hons) in Classics from the University of Cambridge, and an MSc in Voluntary Sector Organisation from LSE. He has taught and lectured at LSE on social enterprise and on the relationship between government and the voluntary sector. Prior to joining LSE he worked for a number of UK charities.

Research interests

Jonathan’s research interests include the role of the voluntary sector in public service delivery, the relationships between state and civil society, the emergence of social enterprise, and the organisational governance of voluntary sector organisations. He has a particular interest in education, pre-school and family policy.

Jonathan’s doctoral research explored how parents trust pre-school childcare provision. Particular reference is given to different organisational forms, including the theoretical trust advantages of non-profit entities.


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Conference papers

  • Roberts, J. (2010), “Trust and childcare: parents’ relationships with private, state and third sector providers in the UK”. Paper presented at the EIASM 5th Workshop On Trust Within And Between Organizations, Madrid, 28-29 January
  • Kumar, S. and Roberts, J. (2008), “New Public Management, Communitarianism and Third Sector Organisations: Tensions in Government Policy in the UK". Paper presented at Leading in Building Civil Society: Obligations & Privileges – 37th Annual ARNOVA Conference, Philadelphia, November 20-22.