Department of Political Science


Dr Aurélia Bardon

Research Associate

Aurelia Bardon


Aurélia Bardon is a Research Associate working with Professor Cécile Laborde on the ERC-funded project on ‘Is Religion Special? Secularism and Religion in Contemporary Legal and Political Theory.’ She is completing a dual PhD program in Political Theory at Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris: in the PhD thesis, she focuses on public justification and the question of the place of religious arguments in political discussion. Aurélia’s research project addresses the concept of secularism and its relations with liberal democracy.


  • “Religious Arguments and Public Justification” in Beyond Post-Secularism: Political Religion, Legal Pluralism and Democratic Constitutionalism, edited by Jean L. Cohen and Cécile Laborde, Columbia Press University (forthcoming)
  • “Render unto Caesar that Things which are God’s: the Requirement of Political Profound Secularization in Liberal Democracy”, Constellations (forthcoming)