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MPhil/PhD Research Students

Research Students at Department of Political Science
Dissertation topic
Jean-Baptiste Allegrini  The competition for power and inter-sectarian dialogue in Lebanese Municipalities facing the Syrian refugee crisis: The Cases of Baalbek, Tripoli and Zahle jean-baptiste.allegrini.13@ucl.ac.uk
Christiane Bjerglund Andersen Coalition politics - party strategies; pre-electoral coalitions; Indian politics c.andersen@ucl.ac.uk
Cristobal Bellolio Political Theory - Freedom from religion cristobal.bellolio.13@ucl.ac.uk
Roberta Damiani The impact of the Italian Senate in the legislative process r.damiani@ucl.ac.uk
Giulio Fornaroli Political Theory - Neutrality and independence from comprehensive moral values as key components in political liberalism' response to the question of pluralism giulio.fornaroli.14@ucl.ac.uk
Matt Godwin Diasporas and diaspora influence on foreign policy; civil wars; comparative legislatures matthew.godwin.13@ucl.ac.uk
Stefano Gurciullo The applications of evolutionary computation and complexity science on economics and security stefano.gurciullo.11@ucl.ac.uk
Heleen Jalvingh The role of the National Parliaments in the EU' h.jalvingh.11@ucl.ac.uk
Radoslaw Kowalski Natural language processing for policy and management: What insight does performance measured with written feedback give in addition to existing measurement methods of organisational performance in healthcare? radoslaw.kowalski.14@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah Leo Carrots vs sticks: How should governments deal with terrorist violence? sarah.leo.13@ucl.ac.uk
Ben Morgan Reducing political failure in high salience institutions: the role of bureaucratic effectiveness b.morgan.12@ucl.ac.uk
Cristian Bianchi Rettig Political Theory/Global Justice/Theory of Human Rights - Poverty, human rights and responsibilities cristian.bianchi.13@ucl.ac.uk
Eliza Selley Improving academic engagement and outcomes for disadvantaged white male students eliza.selley.16@ucl.ac.uk
Ruxandra Serban Prime Ministers and parliaments in parliamentary democracies ruxandra.serban.13@ucl.ac.uk
Hannah Smidt International Relations/Conflict Studies - The influences of peacekeeping operations on election-related violence in post-conflict countries hannah.smidt.13@ucl.ac.uk