Department of Political Science


Volkan Gül

PhD Candidate in Political Theory

Volkan Gül

Field and Dissertation Topic

Political Theory, Deliberative Democratic Theory and Practice, Citizen Engagements, Representation, Accountability


Volkan is a PhD candidate in Political Theory under the supervision of Prof. Albert Weale and Prof. Robert Hazell. He holds a BA in International Relations from İstanbul Bilgi University, Turkey and an MSc in Political Theory from LSE. Before starting his PhD, he worked in civil sector and in academia. He is currently a research assistant of a university in Turkey.

Research Interests

His general research interests evolve around deliberative democratic theory and practice. He is also interested in examining new participation methods (deliberative or non-deliberative) and their practical and theoretical implications.  For his PhD, he is working on deliberative citizen practices such as deliberative citizens' assemblies and deliberative polls. The main question of his research is how can we understand representation and accountability in deliberative citizen practices?

Publications/Working Papers

  • Representative Claims, Performatives and Organizers in Deliberative Citizen Practices
  • Gul, V. (2009) Turkey. The Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law 13: 293-303


  • “Democratic Deficit in Liberal Democratic Theory”, Turkish Political Science Association V. Postgraduate Conference held at Erciyes University, Kayseri-TURKEY, 20 October 2007

Curriculum Vitae