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Takahiro Chino

Research Student

Takahiro Chino

Field and topic

Political theory / Political thought of Antonio Gramsci


Takahiro Chino is a PhD student in the School of Public Policy, Department of Political Science at UCL. He joined the department in 2009. Takahiro’s aim is to reexamine political philosophy of Antonio Gramsci under the supervision of Professor Richard Bellamy and Professor Cécile Laborde. In order to illustrate Gramsci as an Italian revolutionary, he attempts to consider how Gramsci’s adherence to his contemporary problems was connected to his elaboration of theoretical concepts such as hegemony and philosophy of praxis. He is thinking that Gramsci’s continuous attention to the Italian questions at that time, notably the Southern question and the establishment of secular state, has not yet been fully explored in its relation to Gramscian theory. By taking into consideration these above, Takahiro tackles to delineate Gramsci’s way of thinking, where his analysis and strategy are connected yet conceptually distinct through historical perspective. This PhD project will enable us to rethink an everlasting question of the relation between structure and agency.

Academic Background

Prior to joining UCL, Takahiro had undertaken his research on political philosophy of Gramsci and Benedetto Croce at Waseda University, Tokyo, where he obtained a MA in Political Science. He took a BA degree in Liberal Arts from International Christian University, Tokyo, where he wrote a thesis on Karl Mannheim’s Ideology and Utopia.


  • Chino, T. (2010) ‘Doui to Kokyosei: Gramsci no Shiminshakai niokeru Doui no Keisei to Kaitai (Consent and Publicness: Formation and Dissolution of Consent in Gramsci’s Theory of Civil Society)’, Kokyosei womeguru Seijishisou (Political Thought on Publicness), ed. Jun-ichi Saito, Tokyo: Ohfu Publishers. (In Japanese)
  • Chino, T. (2009) ‘Croce no Sensoron niokeru “Seijiteki Shigoto” no Kito nituite: Jissenteki Rekishijojutsu no Kanten kara (On Croce’s project of “Opera Politica” in his Pagine sulla Guerra: Focusing on his Practical Historiography)’, Waseda Seijikouhou Kenkyu (The Waseda Study of Politics and Public Law), 90, pp.17-30. Available here (In Japanese)
  • His Japanese translation of Croce’s political writings on the debate concerning the ‘Crisis of Marxism in Italy’ during 1895-1900 will be published in 2011. Also he is a co-author of Essays on Gramsci (in Japanese) to be published in 2012.


  • Takahiro’s research is currently supported by a 3-year scholarship from Japanese government (from the Japan Student Support Organization). He also received the research grant from the Matsushita Konosuke Memorial Foundation in 2010.