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Stefano Gurciullo

PhD Candidate in Political Science

Stefano Gurciullo


Stefano Gurciullo is a PhD candidate at UCL School of Public Policy and at the Financial Computing Doctoral Training Centre. He holds a Mres in Financial Computing and a Msc in Security Studies from UCL, and a BA in Economics and Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London.


Stefano’s research bridges complex network analysis, machine learning, security and economics. Currently, he is focused on two main policy areas: financial instability, and organised crime and corruption.

Stefano is currently developing a stress-testing network model for the UK Interbank market, in partnership with the Bank of England and professors Stefano Battiston and Guido Caldarelli. The aim is to build a new policy tool that would take banks’ systemic interrelations into account, thereby monitoring and mitigating the risk of future financial crises. Previously, he developed a genetic algorithmic framework that improves banks’ portfolio asset structures under unstable and uncertain conditions, in collaboration with the European Banking Authority.

Stefano’s efforts in the field of organized crime and corruption aim at measuring, assessing and predicting the extent to which organised crime group infiltrate and influence the legitimate economy and public institutions. He is doing so by the use of complex network analysis on economic and intelligence data. He is also using data and text mining to develop a predictive framework for the occurrence of corruption in public institutions.

Academic publications

Other activities

Stefano is co-founder and co-editor of Quattrogatti.info, an Italian project that reunites social scientists and digital creatives and that is committed to provide analytical news services on key economic, political and social issues. Its distinctive feature is the emphasis it puts on communication. Quattrogatti.info uses animated videos, infographics and interactive presentations to explain complex issues in a simple and entertaining way, while maintaining high rigour. He routinely writes on organised crime and corruption on Italian online major newspapers such as CTzen, Il Fatto Quotidiano and The Huffington Post.

Stefano consults several organisations in the field of corruption, crime and security. He is currently working with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development to design the anti-corruption policies to be financed by the EU 2014-2020 Structural Fund Programme. He has also been appointed Expert Reviewer by Transparency International, with the task of assessing the design of some of the corruption indexes they create. The European Commission has also appointed him as a Horizon 2020 expert reviewer on research about security and complex systems.

Stefano has been nominated Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum and is a member of the Global Shapers Rome Hub.