Department of Political Science


Lior Erez

PhD Candidate in Political Theory and PGTA in Human Rights

Lior Erez

Field and Dissertation Topic

Political Theory.

Thesis Title: Motivational Critiques of Liberal Cosmopolitanism: Normative Significance and Possible Solutions


Lior Erez is a PhD candidate at UCL. He holds a B.A (magna cum laude) in Political Science and History from Tel Aviv University (Israel), and an MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History from the University of Cambridge. Prior to joining UCL, Lior worked as a research assistant on the political philosophy of Zionism in the department of Political Science in Tel Aviv, and as a research associate in business ethics in the Social Innovation Center, INSEAD business school (France).

Research Interests

Lior’s main research interests lie in normative political theory, and in particular in obligations and responsibilities in the global political order. His current doctoral research, under the supervision of Prof. Richard Bellamy and Prof. Cecile Laborde, focuses on motivational critiques of liberal cosmopolitan theory. In this project, he asks whether there could be a plausible version of the normative motivational critique of cosmopolitanism, i.e. the argument that people’s lack of motivation is a constraint for cosmopolitan theory.

Apart from his current research, Lior’s other research interests include questions of national identity and patriotism, and in particular the history and philosophy of Zionism; pragmatism and political philosophy, and in particular the writings of Richard Rorty; and corporate social responsibility in a globalised world.

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • ‘How Gap, Inc. Engaged with Its Stakeholders’ (Co-authored with N.C. Smith and S. Ansett). MIT Sloan Management Review, vol. 52 No. 4 (Summer 2011): pp. 69-76.(Spanish translation: ‘Caso Práctico: Gap y su Compromiso con los "Stakeholders"’. Harvard Deusto Business Review 207 (2011): pp. 48-61)Conference Papers and Presentations

Conference Papers and Presentations

  • ‘Motivation as a Normative Constraint on Cosmopolitan Theory’ Ideals and Reality in Social Ethics Conference, University of Wales, Newport, 21 March 2013.
  • ‘Towards a Normative Interpretation of Cosmopolitanism’s Motivational Gap’ Warwick University Graduate Conference in Legal and Political Theory, 16 February 2013.
  • ‘Rorty’s Politics: Contingency, Irony, Solidarity and Beyond’ Cambridge University Text and Thought Society, November 2011.

Personal Webpage

CV and selected papers can be found on http://ucl.academia.edu/LiorErez