Department of Political Science


John-Paul Salter

PhD Candidate in Political Science

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John-Paul Salter is a PhD candidate at the School of Public Policy (UCL) and a PGTA in Comparative Politics at King’s College London.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in modern history from Oxford, a postgraduate diploma in economics from Royal Holloway and an MSc in public policy from UCL. Prior to joining the department he worked in banking for several years.

John-Paul’s research interests are in public policy, and specifically regulatory politics and interest group intermediation. The former focuses on the design of institutions and the day-to-day relationships between regulators and firms; and the latter on how firms, associations and consumer groups manage and shape the regulatory environment. His PhD research examines how British and German banks lobby national and European regulators in the context of the development of the CRDIV legislation.

Supervision Topics

  • Interest groups and policy-making;
  • Regulatory politics;
  • Financial sector regulation;
  • EU regulatory governance;
  • EU politics & institutions.


  • Qualitative.