Department of Political Science


Adri Nurellari

PhD Candidate in International Relations/Comparative Politics

Adri Nurellari

Field/Dissertation Topic

International support and political party development in post conflict societies.

Research project

I am doing doctoral research on how international party support influences the development of party systems in post conflict societies. Through my research project I plan to scrutinize the strategies of the international organizations that are dedicated to political party assistance in post-war societies and to identify which local conditions and factors have a favorable effect in improving the party systems.

The research project is organized around the following research questions: What influences the development of the political party systems in post conflict societies? How do the social, political and structural factors interplay with the foreign assistance and influence the process of party development of post-conflict Eastern European countries? What strategies are employed by international donors in the field of party support in these countries and which strategies promote, stagnate or have limited to no effect in the process of party development?

The project aims at contributing to the wider theoretical discussion of political party development in emerging democracies in general and post-war societies in particular. It will also bring fresh empirical evidence on the political parties in the Balkans.

General Research Interests

  • Party System and Political Parties
  • International Relations and Conflict Resolution
  • Civil Society and International Development
  • Campaigning, Political Communication and Media Politics
  • Political Economy and Public Policies