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Dr Emily McTernan

Emily McTernan

Dr Emily McTernan

Lecturer in Political Theory and MA Legal Political Theory Programme Director

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On sabbatical leave for Term 2, 2016/2017.


Emily McTernan joined UCL in September 2013. She is a lecturer in political theory and programme director of the MA in Legal and Political Theory. 

Previously, she was a Fellow in Philosophy at the London School of Economics. Until January 2016, she is on research leave at the School of Philosophy, ANU. 

Her current research focuses on two areas: first, the relevance of individual choice and social norms to issues of justice and, second, the relevance of empirical research to political philosophy. She is also interested in debates over IVF and rioting.

For more about this research, see her current research page.

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  • ‘How to be a Responsibility-Sensitive Egalitarian: From Metaphysics to Social Practice’, Political Studies, online first (July 2015), doi:10.1111/1467-9248.12208.
  • ‘Should Fertility Treatment be State Funded?’ Journal of Applied Philosophy, online first (November 2014), doi:10.1111/japp.12091.
  • ‘How to Make Citizens Behave: Social Psychology, Liberal Virtues, and Social Norms’, Journal of Political Philosophy, 22 (1): 84-104.
  • ‘The Inegalitarian Ethos: Incentives, Respect, and Self-Respect’, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, 12 (1) (February 2013): 93-111.

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Selected works in progress

  • 'Contextualism about moral responsibility'
  • 'Microaggressions and social equality'
  • ‘Treating criminals: Lessons from history’
  • ‘When resistance is futile: Feasibility, structural injustice, and protest’
  • Monograph: Talents, Work, and Responsibility.

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  • Contemporary political philosophy II: Social justice and equality 
  • Meanings of liberty: Applied methods in political theory
  • Peer assisted learning sessions
  • Co-convenor, PhD political theory workshops.

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