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Laser scanning accurately ‘weighs’ trees

A terrestrial laser scanning technique that allows the structure of vegetation to be 3D-mapped to the millimetre is more accurate in determining the biomass of trees and carbon stocks in forests than current methods, according to new research involving UCL.

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Video: Tree scanning in Lope National Park

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Researchers read and write brain activity with light

A team led by Dr Adam Packer (UCL Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research) has developed a new way of simultaneously recording and manipulating the activity of multiple cells in the brains of live animals using pulses of light. Read: Guardian More...

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Oh, pardon; those gassy burps may signal life on Mars

For many years I have had a deep desire to retire to the planet Mars. It just seems the ideal end for a crazy scientist like me. But recent findings from the Curiosity rover may have put the kibosh on my plans. The detection of spikes in the levels of methane in the atmosphere is causing much discussion because it is hard to find a simple geological explanation for the variations. One theory that could explain the phenomenon would be the presence of living organisms on Mars, writes Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock (UCL Physics & Astronomy) in The Times (£). More...