Research Platforms

Funding Guidelines

Equipment funding: RCUK applications

Please visit the Research Services Pre-award page to find guidance on including new equipment requests in UK Research Council applications. (UCL login required)

Data Sharing and Management

Data Sharing policies

The major funding agencies all have policies addressing data sharing. Links to their policy documents can be found here:

BBSRC Data Sharing policy

MRC Data Sharing portal

MRC Data Sharing Policy

NIHR Research Design Service London

Wellcome Trust Data Sharing portal

Cancer Research UK Data Sharing policy

Preparing Data Management Plans for grant applications

The JISC Digital Curation Centre has a Data Management Plan online tool to help researchers create plans for their grant applications. Each funding agency has different requirements for data management plans (DMP) based on their policy documents. Below are links to templates for creating DMPs for specific funders, prepared using the online tool.
BBRSC DMP Template

MRC DMP Template

Wellcome DMP Template

Generic DMP Template

UCL policies and projects

UCL has a number of resources related to data protection and management

UCL Data Protection policy

UCL Research Data project

SLMS Identifiable Data project

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