Research Platforms

SLMS Equipment Awards 2013-2014

Division or centre Title of award  PI 
 PaLS Human non-invasive brain stimulation  Joseph Devlin 
 IoN Laser capture micro-dissection  John Hardy 
 IoO Accessing brain pathology via entire retina imaging  Imre Lengyel
 ICN Human retinal functional imaging  Geraint Rees
 Biosciences Confocal microscopy  Frances Brodsky 
 Biosciences Super-resolution microscope   Ricardo Henriques
 Biosciences Inferometry, protein-RNA complex analysis  Andres Ramos 
 Biosciences Digital PCR system  David Whitmore 
 Cancer Institute Autoclave  Kerry Chester 
 Infection & Immunity Confocal microscopy  Hans Stauss 
 ICH MRI  Chris Clark 
 ICH High density EEG  Michelle de Haan 
 ICH Creation of complete translation 'omic' and drug screening facility  Rosalind Smyth 

Additional awards:

UCLH-BRC High Impact Award: 

  • Ashley Groves (Institute for Nuclear Medicine) for the set up of a GMP Radiochemistry laboratory to enable first in man studies at UCLH/UCL.

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