Research Platforms

SLMS Equipment Awards 2011-2012

Division or centre Title of award PI
 PaLS 4x Vicorders for cardiovascular testing  Peter Fonagy 
 IoO Microtome and cryosectioning
Clare Futter 
 ICN fMRI laser stimulation Patrick Haggard 
 IoN RF coils for MRI Xavier Golay 
 IoN/WCTN 3 prospective motion compensation systems Nikolaus Weiskopf 
 Biosciences Confocal and multiphoton microscopes David Becker
 Biosciences CD spectrometer and ITC Snezana Djordjevic
 Biosciences High content/throughput imaging Michael Duchen
 Biosciences Microscope for zebrafish genetics Steve Wilson
 Cancer Mass spectrometer, quadrupole Chris Boshoff
 Medicine, Bloomsbury Imagstream flow cytometry confocal Liz Jury
 Medicine, Bloomsbury Optical projection tomography Mark Lythgoe
 Medicine, Royal Free Spectrometer/polarimeter Vittorio Bellotti
 ICH Flow cytometry Christine Kinnon
 ICS NMR for metabolomics Aroon Hingorani

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