Research Platforms

Platform Technologies CIF Awards 2008-2011

Division or Centre Title of award PI Contact
Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging - ICH Facilities for In vivo Studies Mark Lythgoe CABI
Inst. Ophthalmology Aquatic Species Ocular Phenotyping and Holding Facility Christiana Ruhrberg Biological Services
Biosciences Xenopus frog facility Lucia Sivilotti Biological Services
Institute of Child Health Transgenic and small animal technologies Andy Copp UCL Transgenics
Cancer Institute and Institute of Child Health Multi-Divisonal bid for new Solexa sequencing facilities Chris Boshoff and Andy Copp UCL Genomics
Institute of Women's Health - Gynaecological Oncology/Primary Care & Population Sciences Support Project around the development of a central Biobank. Additional amount to refurbish space at Royal Free resulting from move of elements of PCPS from Archway Ian Jacobs, Usha Menon and Andrew Hayward UCL Biobank
Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research Circuit Neurosciences Imaging Centre Michael Hausser  
Inst. Neurology Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging infrastructure upgrade (fMRI scanner) Ray Dolan WTCN
Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging - ICH and Metabolism and Experimental Therapeutics To establish a preclinical molecular imaging facility with new PET/CT and SPECT/CT systems Mark Lythgoe CABI
Institute of Child Health Provision of a Roche GS-FLX ultradeep sequencing facility for UCL Mike Hubank UCL Genomics
Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research Establishing a UCL Chemi-bank: inert atmosphere pods and LCMS for storage and curation of small molecule screening libraries. Dave Selwood UCL ChemiBank
Inst. Ophthalmology High Resolution 3D Electron Microscopy Imaging Platform David Shima IoO Imaging
Haematology Proposal to establish a joint UCL/RFH NHS Trust Research Tissue BioBank and centralised Clinical Trial Monitoring Laboratory on the UCL Royal Free Campus Mark Lowdell UCL Biobank
Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research Computational Support for Platform Technologies Salvador Moncada Platform Technologies
Cancer Institute Small animal radiation research platform (SARRP) Susan Short  
Infection and Immunity High-Resolution Agilent Scanner Upgrade for UCL Genomics Richard Jenner UCL Genomics
Institute of Child Health UCL biomarker discovery / metabolomic program Andy Copp UCL Proteomics
Medicine X-ray diffraction system for protein crystallography Steve Wood Centre for Amyloidosis and Acute Phase Proteins
Cancer Institute
Maximizing return on investment for next-generation sequencing capacity at UCL Elia Stupka UCL Genomics
Biosciences Enhancement of Confocal Technology Claudio Stern Biosciences Imaging Facility
Biosciences Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy Claudio Stern Biosciences Imaging Facility
Biosciences High Throughout Confocal Imaging Platform John Carroll  
Biosciences Micro CT Scanner (SkyScan 1076) Claudio Stern Lab contact
PaLS Eyelink 1000/2k eye tracking system/Building a multimodal Communications Laboratory Suzanne Beeke and Gabriella Vigliocco Multimodal Laboratory
PaLS High resolution RF coil and multi-channel upgrade for BUCNI magnet Marty Sereno BUCNI
Biosciences Development of a second generation 3D 2-photon microscope based on acousto-optic deflectors for a high speed imaging of neural activity Angus Silver  
Biosciences A luminescent photon counting (IPD) imaging system for monitoring long-term changes in gene expression, calcium levels and BRET in live single cells, tissues and embryos David Whitmore Biosciences Imaging Facility
Biosciences High Throughput Analytical Facilities for Biological Macromolecules and Cells – particularly for therapeutic use Steve Perkins Molecular Interactions Facility
Biosciences CIF proposal for creating biological MS Facilities at UCL Gabriel Waksman Adam McKay
Biosciences The nCounter Analysis System: a New Powerful and Versatile Digital RNA Quantifier for Biomedical Research Paola Oliveri UCL Genomics
Biosciences High-Throughput Screening Platform Robin Ketteler  
Biosciences Mid-infrared vibrational spectroscopy facilities for applications from structural biology to medical diagnostics Peter Rich  
Biosciences Ultra High Resolution Spatio-Temporal Microscopy at UCL Jonathan Ashmore  
PaLS Functional Transcranial Doppler for studies of cerebral lateralisation Bencie Woll DCAL
PaLS Eye tracking on the move Gabriella Vigliocco Multimodal Laboratory
Medicine (Royal Free) UCL Proteomics: university-wide access to an essential platform technology Justin Hsuan UCL Proteomics

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