Research Platforms

SLMS investment in research equipment

SLMS holds annual calls for matched funding towards research equipment. Awards are made through a competitive process led by the SLMS Research Board. The funding is provided from UCL strategic reserves and is for capital equipment purchases only. 

As new equipment is purchased, it will be entered into the UCL Research Equipment Catalogue.

Wellcome Trust Multi-user Equipment success

Professor Gabriel Waksman, Biosciences

Using structural mass spectrometry for the study of large macromolecular

Dr John Christodoulou, Biosciences
The UCL integrated NMR Centre: bridging fine-scale analysis of macromolecules and cell physiology with high-throughput population scale metabolomics, drug target validation and biomarker development

Dr Robin Ketteler, LMCB 
High-throughput electroporation of primary cells

Professor Stephan Beck, Cancer Institute
A centralized platform for validation of genomic and epigenomic targets from clinical and non-clinical studies

Professor Christiana Ruhrberg, Institute of Ophthalmology
High resolution retinal imaging

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