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Illuminating illumination: what lights up the universe?

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Large-scale structure of light in the universe

New research from UCL shows that we will soon uncover the origin of the ultraviolet light that bathes the cosmos.

Dark Energy Survey kicks off second season cataloguing deep space

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NGC 1398 Galaxy

The Dark Energy Survey, which has just begun its second year of observations, is gathering data about one of the most puzzling phenomena to be discovered in the past century: that the universe is not only expanding, but is doing so at an ever faster rate. Some as yet unknown force dubbed ‘dark energy’ is driving this acceleration.

UCL cosmologists weigh into the debate about neutrino mass

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First Neutrino Detection

The standard model of particle physics needs to be extended: it predicts that neutrinos have zero mass, but this does not fit with experimental data. Recent work has suggested an unexpectedly high mass for the neutrino, but UCL cosmologists say this is wrong. They argue that a low mass is more consistent with the observed properties of the universe. The Dark Energy Survey (which UCL is also involved in) will provide data that could resolve this debate in the next few years.

Congratulations to our E-Learning Development Grant Winners 2014-15

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UCL Main Quad

Congratulations to Dr Dave Bowler & Dr Daven Armoogum who have both been successful in their bids for E-Learning Development Grants this year.

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