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Watch: Prof. Ofer Lahav discusses Dark Energy with The Economist

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Prof. Ofer Lahav

Prof. Ofer Lahav (Astrophysics) is head of the Dark Energy Survey science programme. In this interview for The Economist, he discusses the rapidly expanding universe and the future of dark-energy research.

Planck steps closer to the cosmic blueprint

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ESA’s Planck mission has revealed that our Galaxy contains previously undiscovered islands of cold gas and a mysterious haze of microwaves. These results give scientists new treasure to mine and take them closer to revealing the blueprint of cosmic structure.

The new results are being presented this week at an international conference in Bologna, Italy, where astronomers from around the world are discussing the mission’s intermediate results.

Carbon and oxygen at extremes

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A binary ionic compound

Miguel Martinez-Canales, Chris J. Pickard, Richard J. Needs,

Thermodynamically Stable Phases of Carbon at Multiterapascal Pressures

Faculty Postgraduate Prize Winners 2011

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David Kipping

Many congratulations to David Kipping, winner of the 2011 Faculty Postgraduate Research Prize, and to Marian Breuer, winner of the 2011 Faculty Postgraduate Taught Prize.

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