Bonn University Particle Physics Show

Start: Mar 21, 2014 06:30 PM
End: Mar 22, 2014 02:00 PM

Bonn University Particle Physics Show

Date: Fri 21 Mar 18:30- 20:00 & Sat 22 Mar 14:00-15:30

Location: The lecture will take place in the Cruciform B304 LT 1

Tickets: These events are free but as places are limited, you must reserve a ticket

Under the direction of Professor Herbi Dreiner, Bonn University has been putting on a successful physics show for 12 years. Since 2001, every year the 2nd and 3rd year physics students develop and perform a new show. This is performed 6 times a year in front of a full house in Bonn.

The shows are full of demonstration experiments which are meant to elucidate the underlying physics and of course also to entertain!

In 2008 Bonn developed a world wide unique show on the physics of elementary particles. This was first performed in Berlin at the German national exhibition `Die Weltmaschine' on the occasion of the start of the LHC. Subsequently the show was performed in Bonn and traveled to Hamburg (DESY, the German national particle physics laboratory), to the Deutsches Museum M√ľnchen (the largest Science Museum in Germany), to Heidelberg University and then as the highlight of the tour to CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, the world's largest particle physics laboratory and home of the LHC.

In 2006 the Bonn Physics Show was awarded the Alumni Prize of Bonn University for best student activity engaging society.

In 2009 the Bonn Physics Show was awarded with the High Energy Physics Outreach Prize of the European Physical Society.

Now especially for our first trip to the UK we have developed a brand new particle physics show emphasizing the LHC and the physics of the Higgs boson. The show is directed at kids aged 14 and older.