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Why UCL Philosophy?

Philosophy was from the very foundation of UCL always intended to play a large and important part in the curriculum. This was in keeping with the idea of philosophy as a means of liberal education held by such members of the original council as James Mill, Henry Brougham and George Grote.

In the first statement, issued in 1827, concerning the nature and objectives of the college's foundation, it states:

" "As the Physical Sciences aim at ascertaining the most general facts observed by sense in the things which are the object of thought, so the Mental Sciences seek to determine the most general facts relating to thought or feeling, which are made known to the being who thinks by his own consciousness".

The department has notable strengths in:

  • Philosophy of Mind and Language
  • Philosophy of Perception
  • Political and Moral Philosophy
  • Metaphysics and Epistemology
  • History of Philosophy
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • Kantian and post-Kantian continental philosophy

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