Here for a list of undergraduate courses due to run in the 2014/15 academic year. Click the title for more information:

PHIL1010 - Introduction to the History of Philosophy I

PHIL1011 - Introduction to the History of Philosophy II

PHIL1012 - Knowledge & Reality

PHIL1013 - Introduction to Logic II

PHIL1014 - Introduction to Logic I

PHIL1015 - Introduction to Moral Philosophy

PHIL1016 - Introduction to Political Philosophy

PHIL1017 - Philosophy Tutorial: Texts and Debate

PHIL2030 - Aesthetics

PHIL2031 - Morality and Literature

PHIL2032 - Applied Ethics

PHIL2033 - Metaphysics

PHIL2035 - Knowledge

PHIL2038 - Topics in Greek Philosophy: Plato

PHIL2039 - Empiricism

PHIL2040 - Marxism

PHIL2045 - Language

PHIL2048 - Intermediate Logic

PHIL3031 - Global Justice and Health

PHIL3032 - Normative Ethics

PHIL3039 - Early Wittgenstein

PHIL3040 - Adorno: Art & Politics

PHIL3041 - Special Topics in Political Philosophy

PHIL3042 - Aristotle

PHIL3043 - Experience

PHIL3044 - Kant

PHIL3045 - Mind

PHIL3047 - Dissertation

PHIL3048 - Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science

PHIL3050 - Sartre

PHIL3054 - Philosophy of Religion

PHIL3060 - Philosophy, Politics & Economics of Health

PHIL3062 - Metaphysics of Science

Course that begin PHIL1___ are introductory courses, PHIL2___ courses are intermediate and PHIL3___ are advanced.

Suggested Reading for Undergraduate Applicants

  • Plato - Meno
  • George Berkeley - Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous
  • RenĂ©descartes - Meditations
  • Immanuel Kant - Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals (ed. Mary Gregor)
  • John Stuart Mill - Utilitarianism; On Liberty; etc ( Everyman)
  • Bertrand Russell - The Problems of Philosophy (OUP Paperback)
  • JP Sartre - Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions (Routledge Paperback)
  • Jonathan Wolff - An Introduction to Political Philosophy (OUP Paperback)

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