Research Applications FAQs

What are the entry requirements?
Applicants for the MPhil Stud, MPhil/PhD, and the PhD degree programmes should have (or obtain before enrolling) a first-class Honours degree in philosophy or an equivalent qualification from overseas, although exceptions may be made in the case of candidates with strong upper second class Honours degrees, or equivalent qualifications, supported by good references.
Can I start at other times than September? 
All our courses begin at the end of September. UCL does not have a semester system so you would not be able to start at any other time.
Can I do the course part-time / by distance learning?
The MPhil Stud is not offered part time as the course is too intensive. We do not offer distance learning for any course (including PhD) and place great emphasis on being an active member of our graduate community.
Can you send me a brochure/prospectus/information pack for the programme?
We do not send out a printed brochure or prospectus or information pack for the programme. All information about the programme is available on our website. A prospectus and application materials can be requested from the college admissions office:
I am studying a PhD elsewhere.  Can I join the department for a term or year as a visiting student?The department warmly welcomes graduate students who are working towards higher degrees at other universities and who would wish to do either course work or research in London for a period normally of one year. Arrangements can be made for the award of grades or other credits that may be required by the degree-giving university. Postdoctoral students may also be admitted for short periods, and the experience of the department is that such arrangements are highly beneficial.

Those interested should first informally get in touch with a member of staff with related interests (see staff pages for interests & contacts). Then an application is made via the UCL International Office with the final decision made by the graduate committee. The application should be the same as a standard research application including two writing samples (see below).
Which course should I apply for?
The MPhil Stud requires significant prior background in philosophy. Applicants who have not studies the subject before but wish to progress to research should apply for the MA in Philosophy.
The usual route to a PhD is to first complete the MPhil Stud. Applicants who have a sufficient graduate level qualification in philosophy will be considered for the MPhil/PhD. If an offer is made the graduate committee who review applications will make this at the appropriate entry level (MPhil Stud MPhil/PhD or PhD) depending on your previous studies. It is therefore important to include as full transcripts as possible so an appropriate offer is made.
Do you ask for writing samples?
Writing samples are a crucial piece of our admissions process for our research degrees (MPhil Stud, MPhil/PhD, PhD). We ask for two pieces around 2000 words each (excluding bibliography). The short length is because we deal with so many applications. We ask for two as we do not want to make the decision on seeing only one piece of work. If applicants send in longer pieces we cannot guarantee they will be read in their entirety. Although longer pieces with highlighted sections can be submitted we would caution against this as it is not always possible to get a feel for an argument from a section. Remember you are in competition with many other applicants so it is worth taking some time to work on a piece that fulfils the requirements.
Please complete the contact for the 2 referees who will be asked to provide references for you. These should be two academic references, preferably from current or most recent studies. Referees will be contacted by email once your application is submitted. You will be emailed to say when your referees have submitted their reference. Applications are reviewed until both references are completed.
Please include as detailed transcripts as possible – indications of grades achieved so far are useful.
May I schedule an appointment with the course coordinator to discuss my qualifications and interest in the programme?
Unfortunately, due to the extremely high volume of applications received, it is impossible for the course coordinator to meet personally with applicants.
Do you have open days?
The department does not hold specific open days the study information centre at UCL does operates a number of schemes to tour the whole of UCL which you may be interested in.
If you are attending a UCL tour and wish to make an enquiry at our department office please note our opening hours are 11.30am – 12.30pm and 2-4pm. We are located at 19 Gordon Square; the office is on the first floor.

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