UCL Philosophy


Postgraduate Teaching Assistants - Autumn Term 2016

Name Module(s) Photo
Julian Bacharach PHIL1012 Knowledge and Reality Julian Bacharach
Sebastian Bishop-Bennett  PHIL1016 Introduction to Political Philosophy
PHIL3087 Equality
Sebastian Bishop-Bennett
Hannah Carnegy-Arbuthnott  PHIL2031 Morality and Literature Hannah Carnegy-Arbuthnott
Vanessa Carr  PHIL3083 Topics in Metaphysics: Causation and Modality Vanessa Carr
Niels Christensen PHIL1010 History of Philosophy I Niels Christensen
Helena Cicmil  PHIL3040 Adorno: Art and Politics Helena Cicmil
Emily Crampton  PHIL1010 History of Philosophy I
PHIL1016 Introduction to Political Philosophy
Jack Davis PHIL2031 Morality and Literature
Jack Davis
Bennett Francis  PHIL3094 Philosophical Origins of Political Thought: Modern A Photo Bennett Francis
Toby Friend  PHIL2033 Metaphysics
PHIL3062 Metaphysics of Science
Toby Friend
Daniel Guillery  PHIL1016 Introduction to Political Philosophy Daniel Guillery
Alec Hinshelwood  PHIL2040 Marxism
PHIL3097 Topics in Moral Psychology
Alec Hinshelwoood
Charles Jansen PHIL1012 Knowledge and Reality Charles Jansen
Andrew Knox PHIL2040 Marxism Andrew Knox
James Laing PHIL3063 Epistemology of Disagreement James Laing
Michael Markunas  PHIL1012 Knowledge and Reality
Michael Markunas
Ben Martin  PHIL1014 Introduction to Logic 1  
Rowan Mellor  PHIL1010 History of Philosophy I Rowan Mellor
Polly Mitchell  PHIL2032 Applied Ethics
PHIL3060 Philosophy Politics & Economics of Health
Photo Polly Michell
David Olbrich  PHIL3046 Rationalism David Olbrich
Edgar Phillips  PHIL3045 Advanced Class in the Philosophy of Mind Edgar Phillips
Alan Roberts  PHIL1014 Introduction to Logic 1  
Ashley Shaw  PHIL2045 Philosophy of Language Ashley Shaw
Shunichi Takagi PHIL3039 Early Wittgenstein Shunichi Takagi
Tom Williams  PHIL1014 Introduction to Logic 1
Tom Williams