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Sarah Richmond

Dr Sarah Richmond

Research Interests

My earliest research interest, which materialised in my DPhil thesis, was in Derrida’s early philosophy. Since then, my research has been divided between two main strands: (i) phenomenology and existentialism (especially the work of Jean-Paul Sartre) (ii) moral philosophy, especially applied ethics. I am also interested in feminist philosophy, which has influenced some of my publications, as well as my teaching. I co-edit the journal Sartre Studies International.


For the BA in Philosophy I teach a course on Applied Ethics, and a course on Morality and Literature. In addition, I teach a seminar for Finalists and research students on Sartre’s Philosophy. A recent research seminar (co-taught with Dr John Vorhaus) has been on people with profound impairment (or cognitive disability), and how moral and political philosophy accommodates, or should accommodate, these people.

IRIS Researcher Profile

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