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Dr Fiona Leigh

Research Interests

At present, my main area of research concerns Plato's metaphysics and in particular his later period dialogue, the Sophist. I am currently working on a monograph that offers a new reading of this dialogue, structured around two key ideas: the question of what it is to give an adequate account (logos) of something, and a novel conception of being. According to this conception, there are two modes or ways that property can belong to some subject: either the subject constitutes the nature of the property, or conforms to such a nature - or in a few very special cases, both. It is also claimed that cases of the first mode (Forms) are causes of cases of the second mode, which in turn suggests that Forms are not best understood as universals.

I also have research interests in the so-called 'third man argument' in Plato; in the relationship between art (or mimetic production) and moral psychology, according to Plato; in an early Platonic dialogue on courage, the Laches; in Plato and Aristotle's understanding of imagination (or phantasia); in understanding Epicurus' taxonomy of desires; and in Platonic virtue ethics generally.


In any one year I typically teach four of the following modules: A 1st year introduction to ancient philosophy; A second year course on Plato's philosophy,
focused mainly on the Republic; An upper level combined Undergraduate and Graduate course on Aristotle, with special attention to his philosophy of mind, moral psychology, and ethical works; An upper level combined Undergraduate and Graduate course on virtue ethics in ancient and contemporary thought; a Graduate only course on the Sophist; A Graduate only course on Hellenistic philosophy; a Graduate only course on selected topics in Plato's metaphysics and epistemology.

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