UCL Philosophy


Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PGTAs)

Posts available for 2017-18 session

UCL Philosophy Department seeks to appoint a number of Postgraduate Teaching Assistants for the 2017-18 academic session to assist with various undergraduate taught modules.

The main duties of the post are class teaching and timely coursework / examination marking.

The successful candidates will be pursuing a postgraduate degree, preferably associated with UCL Philosophy Department, or studying a related subject. Previous teaching experience is an advantage, but is not necessary.

The appointments will be made on grade 5, point 16, of the UCL salary scale: (currently £12.72 per hour including London allowance). PGTAs will be paid for an initial training session, attendance at lectures, seminar preparation and teaching time, plus marking (marking is calculated based on assessment type and number of essays/scripts marked). Weekly pay will depend on the number of seminars taught and number of essays / examination scripts marked.

As an example, a PGTA taking two seminar groups for an introductory/intermediate level module could expect to be paid for 92.5 hours of teaching plus 10 hours of marking for the whole module.

Application is by brief academic CV and covering letter of application. The covering letter is to include the following:

· specification regarding the areas of teaching desired (preferably by identifying modules: see below)

· relevant teaching experience,

· summary of your knowledge, skills and abilities as they relate to the person specification,

· The ideal amount of teaching desired in terms 1 and 2 (note that this is intended to serve as a guide only: the amount of teaching offered cannot be guaranteed to match the ideal amount).

Please identify your research specialisations. Your CV should detail your completed degrees, details of current employer, and details of previous employment.

The closing date for application is Monday 3rd April (however late applications will be considered). It is expected that offers of PGTA appointments will begin to be made soon after the closing date. The panel may elect to interview shortlisted candidates. It may be possible for interviews to be conducted via Skype or telephone.

Send all materials to philosophy@ucl.ac.uk, or by post to PGTA Vacancies, UCL Philosophy Department, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK.

In addition, UCL requires applications applying with CV to compete a standardised monitoring form which can be downloaded from: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/hr/docs/download_forms/recruitment_selection_I.doc

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Job Description

Job Title: Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (PGTA)
Department: UCL Philosophy Department Salary Range and Grade: Grade 5 hour, point 16, (currently £12.72 p/h) inc. London allowance Responsible to: Professor José Zalabardo, Head of Department

Main Purpose, Duties and Responsibilities

To supplement academic lectures through the delivery of small group teaching for students taking modules in the UCL Philosophy Department.

The main duties of the post will involve:

· Preparing and leading seminars for one or more modules;

· Second marking of coursework during terms 1 and 2, and/or examination scripts (term 3);

· Attendance at lectures for the modules taught (unless waived by the lecturer in charge);

· Regular meetings with the module organiser to discuss issues arising;

· To actively follow and promote UCL policies, including Equal Opportunities.

Modules available for assistants

We anticipate seeking to appoint PGTAs to cover one or more of the following modules:

Applicants should identify the modules they feel qualified to assist. A prioritised list from applicants would help the panel in its deliberations.

PHIL1010        History of Philosophy I

PHIL1011        History of Philosophy II

PHIL1012        Knowledge and Reality

PHIL1013        Introduction to Logic 2

PHIL1014        Introduction to Logic 1

PHIL1015        Introduction to Moral Philosophy

PHIL1016        Introduction to Political Philosophy

PHIL1017        Philosophical Study Skills: Reading, Understanding, and Essay Writing

PHIL2030        Aesthetics

PHIL2031        Morality and Literature

PHIL2033        Metaphysics

PHIL2034        Philosophy of Mind

PHIL2045        Philosophy of Language

PHIL2047        Ethics

PHIL2048        Intermediate Logic

PHIL2053        Topics in Aristotle

PHIL3031        Global Justice and Health

PHIL3035        Hume

PHIL3039        Early Wittgenstein

PHIL3040        Adorno: Art and Politics

PHIL3041        Advance Topics in Political Philosophy

PHIL3042        Topics in Greek Philosophy: Aristotle

PHIL3043        Making Sense of the Senses

PHIL3045        Advanced Class: Philosophy of Mind

PHIL3054        Philosophy of Religion

PHIL3062        Metaphysics of Science

PHIL3063        Epistemology of Disagreement

PHIL3067        Philosophy of Art

PHIL3082        Feminism and Philosophy

PHIL3083        Advanced Metaphysics

PHIL3084        20th Century Philosophy

PHIL3087        Equality

PHIL3088        Formal Epistemology

PHIL3094        Philosophical Origins of Political Thought: Modern A

PHIL3097        Topics in Moral Psychology

PHIL3098        Linguistic semantics and the Philosophy of Language

Level 2 TBC    History of Ethics

Level 2 TBC    Matters of Life and Death

Level 3 TBC    Advanced Topics in Moral Philosophy

Level 3 TBC    Advanced Tutorial

ESPS4202      Hegel

ESPS7209      Nietzsche

ESPS7211      Why Democracy?

ESPS TBC      Human Being and Citizen