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10/01/2018 New Programme for Departmental Symposium here.

Upcoming Events:

2-3 March 2018:  A 2 day workshop 'Risk and Aggregation in Ethics', organized jointly by LSE and UCL which will bring together philosophers to discuss problems of risk and aggregation in ethical theory – more info: http://www.lse.ac.uk/philosophy/blog/2018/01/19/risk-and-aggregation-in-ethics/

9 March 2018:
 “The Two Normativities” — David Velleman (NYU)

Mini-abstract: I argue that the normativity of words like ‘ought’ and the normativity of reasons for acting are only distantly related.

3pm - Chadwick Building G07 (UCL main quad).

19 - 20 March 2018: 
Inaugural UCL MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) lecture and masterclass.

Dr. Lovibond will give a talk entitled '"The Sickness of a Time": Social Pathology and Therapeutic Philosophy" on the 20th March.

To attend the lecture please follow the Eventbrite link:


More information here.

10,11 and 14 May 2018:
Shearman Memorial Lectures - Kit Fine delivers three lectures on Vagueness.
More information here.

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