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Keeling academic staff

The UCL philosophy department have a number of academics working on a range of areas within ancient philosophy, and has long worked together with the Department of Greek and Latin at UCL on Keeling activities, notably the Keeling Lecture and Keeling Colloquia. These are our Keeling Academic Staff.


Selected Publications 

Dr. Fiona Leigh

Senior Lecturer, Philosophy
Director, Keeling Centre for Ancient Philosophy
Fiona's main area of research concerns Plato's metaphysics and in particular his later period dialogue, the Sophist. She is currently working on a monograph that offers a novel reading of Plato's Sophist. This reading argues that the dialogue's central question is what it is to give an account (logos) of something in the world, and contains an account of being according to which there are two modes of being, constituting the nature of some property and conforming to such a nature. It is also claimed that cases of the first mode (Forms) are causes of cases of the second mode, and it is suggested that Forms are not universals. More>


Selected publications 

Prof. Mark Kalderon

Professor, Philosophy
Mark Eli Kalderon is professor of philosophy at UCL and former editor of the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society. His most recent research has been focused on the metaphysics of sense and sensibilia. His books include Form without Matter: Empedocles and Aristotle on Color Perception and Moral Fictionalism. Professor Kalderon has an interest in ancient and scholastic theories of perception. More>


Selected publications 

Prof. MM McCabe

Keeling Scholar in Residence
Honorary Professor, Philosophy
An ardent subscriber to the view that much of later philosophy is -- or should be -- a conversation with Plato, Professor McCabe writes not only on Plato (e.g. Plato on Punishment, California, 1981; Plato's Individuals, Princeton, 1994; Plato and his Predecessors: The Dramatisation of Reason, Cambridge, 2000), but also on Aristotle and on the Stoics, as well as on Plato's predecessors, the pre-Socratics and Socrates. Aside from her interests in Ancient philosophy, Professor McCabe is also an active participant in and organiser of  the Department's Concepts of Health seminar series. More>


Select publications

Dr. Simona Aimar

Lecturer, Philosophy
I mostly work on ancient and contemporary metaphysics. I am currently looking at Aristotle's views about modality and causation, with a focus on connections between his PhysicsPosterior Analytics and Metaphysics. I also have strong interests in philosophy of language and semantics. More>

Amanda Greene


Dr. Amanda Greene

Lecturer, Philosophy

Dr Greene joined the philosophy department in 2015. Her research focuses on legal and political philosophy. In addition to work on political legitimacy and global civil society, Dr Greene is engaged in research on classical political thought, namely the account of law and freedom in Plato's later writings.  More>



Dr. Tamsin de Waal

Honorary Research Associate, Philosophy

My primary research interests relate to Plato's epistemology and metaphysics.  I am particularly interested in the role of mathematics in Plato's epistemology, and in the nature and role of images in Plato and what this tells us about Plato's attitude towards the perceptible world. More>