UCL Philosophy


Ninth Keeling Colloquium (2011)

Moral Psychology in Ancient Thought

The ninth colloquium was arranged by Fiona Leigh.

Monday 7 November to Wednesday 9 November 2011

Jessica Moss (Oxford): ‘Bare Urges and Good-Independent Desires: Appetites in Republic IV
Respondent: M.M. McCabe (King's College London)

Matthew Evans (Michigan): ‘The Blind Desires of Republic IV’
Respondent: M.M. McCabe (King's College London)

Rachel Barney (Toronto): ‘Virtue, Intellectualism, and the Method of Hypothesis’
Respondent: Terry Irwin (Oxford)

James Warren (Cambridge): ‘Memory, Anticipation, Pleasure’
Respondent: Anthony Price (Birkbeck)

Raphael Woolf (King's College London), ‘Courage and Pleasure in Aristotle's Ethics’
Respondent: Sarah Broadie (St. Andrews)

Daniel Russell (Arizona): ‘Two Mistakes about Stoic Ethics’
Respondent: David Sedley (Cambridge)