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Prof. M.M. McCabe's new book Platonic Conversations has been published! Read more>

Professor Susanne Bobzien (Oxford) will give the annual Keeling Lecture on March 18th, 5-7pm, 2016. Read more>

Institute of Classical Studies: Details of the 2015/2016 ICS ancient philosophy seminar series are now available here. The theme of the seminar series is Philosophy & Literature.

Simona Aimar joined the department in September 2015. Simona
Aimar specialises in ancient philosophy, particularly Aristotle's metaphysics, and contemporary metaphysics. Read more>

Prof. MM McCabe has been appointed as the Keeling Scholar in Residence and Honorary Professor at UCL for 2014-17. Read more>


The Keeling Centre for Ancient Philosophy

The Keeling Centre for Ancient Philosophy in the Philosophy Department at UCL is the home of activities and events that focus on ancient philosophy: An annual lecture, a colloquium every 2-4 years, the appointment of a Keeling Scholar in Residence (currently Prof. MM McCabe), graduate scholarships for research in ancient philosophy, and we frequently host visitors specialising in the field. The Keeling Centre is made possible by an anonymous donor, whose generous gift in honour of S.V. Keeling aims to promote the study of ancient philosophy at UCL, and in London.

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