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Hannah Carnegy-Arbuthnott
Interests: Political and moral philosophy, philosophy of mind, philosophy of art.
Vanessa Carr 
Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Science, and Psychology.
Tony Cheng
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Interests: Philosophy of Perception, Philosophy of Psychology, Metaphysics & Epistemology in general.

Current: I have been exploring aspects of phenomenal character. The M.A. thesis "Consciousness and the Flow of Attention," written at CUNY Graduate Center, studies the relation between visual awareness and attention. The M.Phil. thesis"Knowing One's Own Experience" investigates the epistemology of the phenomenal by discussing the relations between phenomenology, accessibility, and access. The tentative title for the Ph.D. thesis is "Sense and Self," where I aim to focus on the sense of touch, bodily ownership, and self-awareness.

Benjamin Fardell
Interests: Metaethics, Ethics, Political Philosophy, Normative and Metanormative Issues in the Philosophy of Economics.
Peter Faulconbridge
Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Wittgenstein, Aesthetics.
Current: I am currently looking at the relations between content, belief and rationality, in particular as they figure in the philosophical and psychiatric literature on delusion.
Jessica Feely
Interests: German philosophy [esp. Critical Theory], Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy & Literature.
Daniel Guillery

Interests: Political and Moral Philosophy.

Current: Working on the concept of feasibility and its role in political and moral philosophy (with a particular application to anarchism).

Harry Phillips
Interests: Political Philosophy (esp. the concept of liberty and distributive justice), Ethics, and Epistemology (esp. contextualism).
Gen Shanahan
Ashley Shaw
Interests: Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Perception and their intersections.
Odne Stenseth   
Interests: German Idealism, Ancient Philosophy, Aesthetics, Metaphysics & Epistemology.
Winnie Sung
Interests: Ethics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Chinese Philosophy.

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