UCL Philosophy



Each taught course in the Philosophy Department is accompanied by its own Moodle site. Moodle is UCL’s web-based ‘virtual learning environment’. The typical site for a philosophy course will include down loadable readings, notes, and other updates posted by the module tutor. 

You may find that some module tutors use Moodle in various further ways, for example providing a chat-room for philosophical discussion, or a location for returning practice essays with formative feedback comments. Your module tutor will instruct you on how to enrol onto their Moodle site.

There are also a specific Moodle site for all the submission of assessed essays at the end of a course. The specific moodle sites are:

  • Department of Philosophy - BA Assessment Submissions
  • Department of Philosophy - MA Assessment Submissions
  • Department of Philosophy – MPhil Assessment Submissions

When submitting on Moodle please put your candidate number only as both the ‘file name’ and as the submission tiltle (under the submit paper) tab. Your name must not appear anywhere on the essay or in the file name.

Assessed essays handed in online through Moodle will be submitted to UCL’s plagiarism checker Turnitin. You will need to include the cover sheet at the beginning of you uploaded essay.