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MA Modules

Below is the list of modules running in the 2017/18 academic year. Click on the title to see more information including a module description and sample / provisional syllabus. Module leader email addresses can be found via the staff pages:

For times and locations please use the UCL common timetable.

PHILGA00: Advanced Topics on Moral Philosophy: Responsibility, Luck and Excuses
PHILGA04 Global Justice and Health
PHILGA08 Early Wittgenstein
PHILGA11 Research Preparation in Philosophy 1
PHILGA12 Research Preparation in Philosophy 2
PHILGA13 Advanced Topics in Political Philosophy
PHILGA14 Topics in Greek Philosophy: Aristotle
PHILGA16 Advanced Class in the Philosophy of Mind
PHILGA18 Making Sense of the Senses
PHILGA22 The Self in Early Analytic Philosophy
PHILGA35 20th Century Philosophy
PHILGA41 Research Seminar: 19th Century Philosophy
PHILGA47 Perception and Its Objects
PHILGA57 Philosophy Politics & Economics of Health
PHILGA58 Metaphysics of Science
PHILGA65 Special Topics in Ancient Philosophy A
PHILGA70 Research Seminar in Legal Philosophy
PHILGA73 Research Seminar: Recent Work in Political Philosophy
PHILGA76 Research Seminar in Intentional Agency, Acting for a Reason and Responsibility
PHILGA88 Feminism and Philosophy
PHILGA90 Graduate Studies in Ethics and Political Philosophy
PHILGA91 Formal Epistemology
PHILGA93 Graduate Studies in Philosophy of Action
PHILGA95 Recent Work in Practical Philosophy
PHILGA97 Topics in Moral Psychology
PHILGA98 Linguistic semantics and the philosophy of language
PHILGAA1 Research Seminar: Aggregation in Ethics
PHILGAA2 The Philosophical Foundations of Effective Altruism
PHILGAA3 Free Speech and Theories of Autonomy
PHILGAA4 Metaethics
PHILGAA5 Representation and Reality
HHUMG003 Illness
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