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Coursework Penalties & Extenuating Circumstances

Lateness penalties for Undergraduate and Postgraduate (Taught) essays:

There are very severe penalties for late submission of work, and as a result it is almost always better to submit incomplete work than take the penalty. The main penalties are that you lose 5% for submitting work one day late, a further 10% for submitting in the next six calendar days.A mark of zero will be recorded for coursework submitted more than seven calendar days. Providing the coursework is submitted before the end of the first week of term 3, but had not been submitted within seven days of the deadline for the submission of the coursework, it will be recorded as zero but the assessment would be considered to be complete.

Extenuating Circumstances

If there are good reasons, such as serious illness or bereavement, why you will not be able to meet the deadline, or to produce work to your usual standard, you must fill out an extenuating circumstances form. Extenuating Circumstances Forms must be accompanied by supporting evidence. UCL provides guidelines on submitting an extenuating circumstances claim here including a list of acceptable grounds for extenuating circumstances.

Submission of the form must be made either at the time of or as soon as possible after the incidence of the circumstances concerned, and, in any case, no later than seven days after the date of the assessment deadline or examination affected.

If you feel you will be unable to meet the deadline for your essay you should, in the first instance, contact Cassilda Alcobia-Murphy in the Departmental Office (c.alcobia-murphy@ucl.ac.uk). Your module teacher is not permitted to give you an extension.

Please note that computer theft or failure is not an acceptable reason for late submission. You are strongly encouraged to make use of an automatic back-up service, such as Dropbox, so that your work is always backed up.

Penalties for over-length coursework, including dissertations:

Assessed work should not exceed the prescribed word count. 

For work that exceeds the upper word limit by 10% or more, a mark of zero will be recorded.

For work that exceeds the upper word limit by less than 10% the mark will be reduced by ten percentage marks; but the penalised mark will not be reduced below the pass mark, assuming the work merited a pass.


Reuse of material

Any paper submitted by you is presumed to be original work that has not previously been submitted for another course. You should therefore, as a rule, avoid writing on topics that you have written on previously. If you consider that there is good reason for you to revisit a topic, or to overlap with previously submitted work, then you must consult, and obtain prior written approval from the course tutor. If permission is granted, the onus will nevertheless remain on you to avoid mere duplication.

Minimum Length

Please note there is no automatic penalty for under-length essays providing there is sufficient suitable content.

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